Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting on notebooks under KDE

Le mar 16/12/2003 à 13:05, info a écrit :
> This is not gnomemeeting bug, but if anyone will use 
> gnomemeeting on notebook, he will have the same problem. I 
> think that Damian as gnomemeeting's mainteiner must ask v4l and 
> acpi maintainers to correct this bug.

I think it is local to your configuration and laptop because I don't
have that problem.


> 2. 


> This means, for example, that if I start gnomemeeting,leave it 
> in tray for waiting incoming calls (I don't know who and when 
> call me)  - I can't listen my favorite mp3's. 
> So, IMHO, gnomemeeting needs some start parameter (something 
> like "gnomemeeting --audioserver=[direct,esd,arts, etc...]") 
> for compatibility with another GUI's, not only with Gnome.

GnomeMeeting is compatible with NO sound server for the simple reason
that none of them are good enough in terms of latencies for Voice Over
IP. So adding an option like the one you are describing is not feasible.
The right fix is to not use artsd or esd at all. Also, artsd has an
option to automatically suspend when it is not used instead of keeping
the soundcard busy.

> 3.
> The next problem is a bell when somebody calls me. As I 
> understand, it's gnome event, but my KDE doesn't proceed such 
> events. So, call-bell doesn't work...

That's a new feature in CVS.

> 4. 
> As I see, when I switch-on my videocam by gnomemeeting's button 
> and then leave gnomemeeting in tray in "standby-for-calling", 
> videocapturing continues. It takes about 10% of processor's 
> time. 


> IMHO, it will be better if videodevice opens only when 
> gnomemeeting's window on desktop exists, and automatically 
> closed when gnomemeeting is only in tray.
> Analogically, microphone must be muted when gnomemeeting is in 
> tray.

I have to disagree here. If you explicitely request to display video
images, it is normal that GnomeMeeting is displaying them. I think that
you should not use video preview at all, that is not required to have
video calls.

> This is the first impressions of gnomemeeting's usage in a small 
> company for videoconferencing between workers via intranet. Now 
> we have 6 workplaces with gnomemeeting, and my boss can see my 
> face on my workplace when I drink bear...-)
> Best regards.
> George
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