Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] video bandwidth control problems

fre, 12.12.2003 kl. 15.45 skrev Craig Southeren:
> On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 15:35:31 +0100
> Herman Robak <herman skolelinux no> wrote:

> >  Is a crappy "slide show" picture worthwhile, if it makes the
> > sound noticably more lagging and choppy?
> Well said! And for what is worth, I agree with you. 
> Having said that, it should be possible to add code to OpenH323 to
> prioritise audio over video so that people on low bandwidth connections
> could still get some video without crapping all over the audio. 

 It would be nice.

> To me, this sounds to me like a good last-year project for some student.
> But from the emails I receive, it seems that most students are
> hard-pressed to even compile OpenH323 for their final year project, let
> alone make code changes. What on earth do they teach students these days ?
> :)

 You tell me. :-/

 This is, IMHO, an eligible Debian-edu or Skolelinux project.
The scope could be a bit wider, though:  Setting up gateways
and proxies, bundling GnomeMeeting with IRC or IM, using 
sharded desktops and remote whiteboards, etc.

 If GnomeMeeting has reasonable hooks for invoking helper
applications, such integration is doable, without rewriting.

 Herman Robak

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