Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] video bandwidth control problems

Am Freitag, 12. Dezember 2003 09:52 schrieb Damien Sandras:
> You are confusing kbytes and kbits.
> If you choose 20kB/s as possible video bandwidth, it means 160kbits.
> If you receive and send video with that quality, it means 320 kibts/s,
> ie 6 times what's possible with your 56kbits/s.

Small correction: 56kBit Modems (V.90) are limited to 56kBit/33.6kBit down-/
upstream "full"duplex, so they behave similar to DSL connections (although 
slower and less asymetric). But if both ends have a V.90 Modem, they are 
limited to 33.6 both ...

V.92 can do a little bit more upstream (IIRC 42kBit), but only a few providers 
support this.


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