Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] packet loss

Kilian Krause wrote:

Hi David,

OK Simple question ... I have connected to 2-3 people but with terrible packet loss reported in the "stats" section. As a result I get VERY slowly updated video + unintelegable speach.

simple answer: how much bandwidth is involved and what's the ping
round-trip latency for the connections to the 2-3 people?

simple info:

I could only link with one person tonight,
video OKish any small movements caused breakup, unsure of how good it should be ?

The stats are
lost 125% ... OK I don't get this >100% ??!!
latency 0% ... seems doubtfull too
5k-8k data according to gkrellm, never quite understood how this can happen with a 56K modem but there was a lot of data flowing arround.

Also, have had problems registering with gnomemeeting ils, keeps saying I need to register when I have.

Any suggestions

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