Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] packet loss

Le jeu 04/12/2003 à 00:19, David Selby a écrit :
> 5k-8k data according to gkrellm, never quite understood how this can 
> happen with a 56K modem but there was a lot of data flowing arround.

If you are using a 56k modem with gnomemeeting and are trying to
send/receive video, then your results are normal. We can not afford
proprietary and patented codecs yet, so having video and audio at the
same time without packet loss is an unreachable dream with dialup

> Also, have had problems registering with gnomemeeting ils, keeps saying 
> I need to register when I have.

Probably you are flooded, then your connection is reset and you have to
wait 20 minutes for the security timeout to be over.
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