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Le dim 31/08/2003 à 11:33, Damien Sandras a écrit :
> Notice that if you look in the archives, you will see that there is a
> command to execute with the qc-usb driver before using GnomeMeeting.
yes, an order with qcset /dev/video0 compat=dblbuf

> The local picture image will slow down to the framerate that will be
> used in order to not explode your bandwidth.
> The local picture image shouldn't change in quality, if it does, your
> driver is buggy.
Not in quality, but in velocity. That's why I thought that it shows the
result of rendering to the contact's computer.

> Le sam 30/08/2003 à 22:29, Kilian Krause a écrit :
> > Rehi Alexis,
> > 
> > > And another question : is there a program dedicated to the setup of the
> > > webcam (Labtec wwith qc-usb driver). For example the webcam does not
> > > render very well the colours (the image is yellow...), and the setups in
> > > Gnomemeeting does not change this (just for the brightness, but not
> > > really for contrast and others).
> > 
> > please ask this question to the driver developers. That's a bug they
> > should fix if that's reproducible and not a problem of the hardware chip
> > in the camera.
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