Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] thanks!!!

Without a gatekeeper, in the address window goes the IP address of the
person you are trying to reach.  A typical way of establishing each
other's IP address is via an IM such as yahoo or ICQ or AOL.  If you are
both accessing the same ILS or XDAP directory, you will (except as noted
in the FAQ) be able to see each other and double clicking on a name in
the directory will establish the connection.

A gatekeeper, while probably beyond the scope of this discussion is the
nicest of all.

Beware, whether you are running GM on Linux or NM on Windows, you will
always have firewall issues if either of you are running NAT behind a
router.  Both the GM FAQ and MS's NM web site, as well as Google Groups
and various mailing lists, cover those issues in depth.

On Fri, 2002-11-29 at 21:41, william bastian wrote:
>     so what do i put in that address window when it shows up?? the 
> msnmessenger ID of the person i would like to netmeet with?  is there a 
> special syntax or order?  remember, like a lot of windows user i am 
> pretty much a point and click specialist(build my own computers and and 
> get them running, including windows, and attempting to learn the linux 
> mandrake operating system, which IS considerably different) so slowly 

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