[GnomeMeeting-list] SuSE 8 & GnomeMeeting 0.94

Greetings All

I'm a wee little home linux user who took SuSE as the OS to replace my
Windows 98SE.

In doing so, I needed to find a package that would support NetMeeting as my
Dad is using WinXP Netmeeting. We talk back-and-forth almost every day and
this method is cheaper than using the phoneline.

I found out about GnomeMeeting when I installed a RedHat 8 package. Not
liking RedHat or even Mandrake, I went back to SuSE 8 and downloaded the
appropriate packages for SuSE from Gnomemeeting.org

It took awhile to install. Seems there are several other packages required
to make it run/compile on SuSE 8 that are not part of the packages on the
gnomemeeting website.

After finally getting it to install, I was able to connect with my Dad. I
heard him, watched his 'choppy' video but was not able to communicate to
him. My system has two sound cards. One is the motherboard sound system and
the other is a SB Live. I tried both settings in the audio section but
neither seemed to work with the microphone.

Is there a 'test' sequence available for Gnomemeeting for audio and mic like
there is in NetMeeting?

All I can say is that it took me about 4 weeks to find the solution to get
my OfficeJet G55 to work with SuSE 8 and it took only about 2 days to get
this far with GnomeMeeting.

I'll be reinstalling again today and keeping track of what I had to add in
addition to the supplied files at gnomemeeting.


Dave Dunster, VE5DGD

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