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I have very surprising by the answer of Mr Damien Sampras.
with my poor english i will try to answer.

first at all I am a linux supporter since more than 4 years
In my society I have install 14 linux box server and i promote the free sofware. I work i an french group who try to promote free office in the big French and european company.
I have a project for 2003 to replace 25 Noteq/nt machines with Linux/Notes !
for exemple we have 4500 PC under netscape and this choice was made in 1997.

When I do believe and what i say each time i can speak is

to much distro and to much small difference in file system without interess for the customer and the "simple user"

I tink writers do that for is own pleasure not for the user's needing

In 2 or 3 years when linux will kill windows , il will be time to have 3 or 5 voice over ip product.

you hnow why i still use windows at home ? because i can't find a software for my cellar cave as i got one under windows !!

for a normal user who try linux he does'nt matter if Suse 8.0 not support gnome and so on. The history is much funny, kde whas not so free 2 years ago and now it has the same GNU and we got 2 desktop managers with no compatibility !

think about the remark from other users . my one was not against you, i know the job you are doing . This was a "positive remarks"

I have past 8 nights at home to try GM who will loss so much time ?
And why i try GM ? because i have spend 4 week of my time to try speakfreely, which should more "compliant" but does'nt work with my sound card any way I got a good answer from stefan Bruens who give me 90 % of the solution. I am stil wainting some more thing but i had the pleasure to see the gnomemeeting screen and list of users from secomix ils server !!

regards from a linux supporter

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