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Le dim 17/11/2002 à 14:03, lambert Bernard a écrit :
> HI
> I have very surprising by the answer of Mr Damien Sampras.
> with my poor english i will try to answer.

I was surprised by your remark too :-(

> I tink writers do that for is own pleasure not for the user's needing

Not me, many of the features that are implemented in GnomeMeeting are
user requests. When significant new features have been added, and when
the GUI was redesigned, I always asked on this mailing list the advice
of subscribers.

> for a normal user who try linux he does'nt matter if Suse 8.0 not 
> support gnome and so on. The history is much funny, kde whas not so free 
> 2 years ago and now it has the same GNU and we got 2 desktop managers 
> with no compatibility !
> think about the remark from other users . my one was not against you, i 
> know the job you are doing . This was a "positive remarks"
> I have past 8 nights at home to try GM who will loss so much time ?

You have to understand that it is not my fault. Complain to Suse, ask
them why they are shipping with an old version of GnomeMeeting. There is
nothing I can change in GnomeMeeting to make things easier to install
it. Your problems were related to the installation of the gconf schemas
on a Suse system, they are not related to GnomeMeeting.

Why is it so hard to install GnomeMeeting:
- because most distributions are still shipping with OSS and OSS doesn't
support full-duplex for many soundcards
- because video drivers support on linux is still weak
- because distributions like Suse do not make things easy and standard
to install Gnome programs

What can I change to this? Nothing. I'm doing my best to make
GnomeMeeting easy to use, but I can't make the installation of
GnomeMeeting easier, I can't make the software install the drivers
I don't want to create a distribution war here, but if you were using
Debian, the only thing to do would be to type:
'apt-get install gnomemeeting' and in 5 minutes you would have a working
GnomeMeeting (provided ALSA is installed).

> And why i try GM ? because i have spend 4 week of my time to try 
> speakfreely, which should more "compliant" but does'nt work with my 
> sound card

More compliant to what? Speakfreely is only compliant to itself and
doesn't respect any standard protocol.

> any way  I got a good answer from stefan Bruens who give me 90 % of the 
> solution. I am stil wainting some more  thing but i had the pleasure to 
> see the gnomemeeting screen and list of users from secomix ils server !!
> regards from a linux supporter   
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