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I've tested IPv6 support under win2000 and linux, only with the
openh323/sample/simple application.
I've not modified the simple application itself.

The only change is on the command line: You MUST use [xxx:xxx:xxx::xx]:4000
format for IPv6 address plus port instead of
xxx:xxx:xxx:xxx:4000, without the [ ] the address is parsed as an IPv4
You MUST use GLOBAL IPv6 address. It doen't work with local link address.

In Gnomemeeting, the only change should be the conversion from 'textual
address' to 'real address', (done by openLDAP ?).
I think that no heavy change is needed if you enter direct IPv6 address.
I've read somewhere few wweks ago that openLDAP is IPv6 ready. I've not
tested yet.You have to check.

Read the openh323 mailing archive for tests reports.
IPv6 support for openh323 is compiled automaticaly if your IPv6 module is
loaded in kernel:
/proc/net/if_inet6 existence is checked.

In case of any problem, just ask me, on openh323 or Gnomemeeting mailing
I've planed to test openMCU and gnomeMeeting in the next weeks.

Good luck,

Sébastien Josset

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le lun 11-11-2002 à 02:35, Liu Min a écrit :
> Openh323&pwlib supports ipv6 now. Can you tell me what change should be
> done to make gnomemeeting run under ipv6? I mean if you can give me some
> suggestion, I will change the source code myself.

IPv6 support in OpenH323 is still experimental. But as it was changed in
pwlib directly, you should be able to make GM run without any change
(except for ILS that only accepts IPv4 addresses).

Damien Sandras

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