Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Try Gnomemeeting 0.94.1 on openh323 1.10.3

Le mer 13/11/2002 à 10:46, Liu Min a écrit :
> In order to make GnomeMeeting run under ipv6, I install
> pwlib1.4.3&openh323 1.10.3 on my pc. The OS is redhat 8.0. Test on
> loopback under ipv6 with simph323 is ok.
> But in connection.cpp, there is the function
> SetMaxAudioDelayJitter(),which is undefined in openh323 1.10.3.
> SetMaxAudioDelayJitter is defined in openh323_1.9.10/include/h323con.h.
> In openh323_1.10.3, there is another function SetAudioJitterDelay, which
> is declared in openh323_1.10.3/include/h323con.h and defined in
> h323.cxx. If I want to run gnomemeeting on openh323_1.10.3, can I
> replace SetMaxAudioDelayJitter() by SetAudioJitterDelay()?

It is better to use the nightly snapshot in that case and not the last
stable release. OpenH323 changed the API of the jitter function.

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