Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] CVS changes

Personally I am new to this mailing list, and in general new to CVS and
how they work this is infact the first and only mailing list I think I
have ever subscribed to willingly.. I personally enjoy seeing the
development and in the past few days I have been able to observe
development through this list .. although as others seem to allude to
there must be other ways to check.. I have checked CVS status on a few
projects but the only way I knew to do it was go to the CVS on sourceforge
and browse the CVS and sort by date and manually see what was going on. I
however am not a developer but I am very interested. Anyway I would like
to say I would enjoy to have the CVS changes in the list, but don't weigh
my opinion that high since I guess I would be considered a newbie or as I
have seen recently "noob". Personally I set up a filter on my email to
direct all Gnomemeeting material to a folder called Gnomemeeting and if
the title of the CVS emails stayed the same something like "CVS Changes"
then you could make yet another filter to put CVS emails in another folder
or delete them as they get there. Just a thought.

Damien Sandras said:
> OK, as this information on what are the latest developments in CVS are
> considered as spam, I removed the crontab.
> I guess nobody on this mailing list was interested in knowing what's new
> in GM anyway.
> Le mer 06/11/2002 à 19:01, Christian Rose a écrit :
>> ons 2002-11-06 klockan 18.50 skrev Damien Sandras:
>> > > You could even do an automatic mailer script that is subscribed to
>> cvs-commits-list and only resends those that apply to gnomemeeting
>> to the "gnomemeeting-cvs-commits-list", or whatever. Just please
>> don't abuse this list for repeated automated announcements. This
>> list is very active now anyway, and I'm having trouble to read all
>> mails anyway, even without the automated spamming of information
>> that I and many others never asked for.
>> > >
>> > > I of course might as well just unsubscribe from this list, but I'd
>> hate to leave GnomeMeeting.
>> >
>> > Is that unique mail so disturbing?
>> > You can always filter it out? no?
>> Interesting, that's what spammers usually say too... Sigh.
>> Christian
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Charlie Campbell

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