[GnomeMeeting-list] CVS changes

I propose to mail each day the mailing list with the CVS changes of the
day that will be available in the nightly snapshot generated at 1pm.
If some of you think it is not a good idea, or not well-suited for this
list, please tell me. If some of you think it is a good idea, please
tell me too :)


Module name:gnomemeeting
Changes by:dsandras 02/11/04 18:13:17

Modified files:
.              : ChangeLog configure.in
src            : common.h config.cpp gdkvideoio.cpp
                 main_window.cpp menu.cpp menu.h

Log message:
2002-11-04 Damien Sandras  <dsandras seconix com>

* configure.in: Upgraded to version 0.95.0.

* gnomemeeting.schemas.in.in: Added gconf key so that the default zoom
and fullscreen switching are remembered (put yourself in auto-answer,
choose video_display to remove, and enable fullscreen switching,
that's great ;).

* src/common.h: Removed unused variables as gconf keys are now used for
fullscreen and zoom.

* src/config.cpp: Change due to the added Fullscreen option.

* src/gdkvideoio.cpp: Use the gconf keys for fullscreen and zoom.

* src/main_window.cpp: Do not init removed variables.

* src/menu.cpp, src/menu.h: Cleaned the API, removed unused headers.
Make use of the gconf keys. Added "Switch to fullscreen" option. This
option is now always present, but it is sensitive only if SDL support
was compiled in. That way users know what features they are missing.

Module name:gnomemeeting
Changes by:dsandras 02/11/04 07:01:11

Modified files:
.              : ChangeLog
src            : config.cpp connection.cpp endpoint.cpp
                 gdkvideoio.cpp main_window.cpp menu.cpp menu.h
                 misc.cpp misc.h urlhandler.cpp

Log message:
2002-11-04 Damien Sandras  <dsandras seconix com>

* src/config.cpp, src/connection.cpp, src/endpoint.cpp,
src/gdkvideoio.cpp, src/main_window.cpp, src/menu.cpp,
src/menu.h, src/misc.cpp, src/misc.h, src/urlhandler.cpp:
Added convenience functions to menu.h so that other parts
of gnomemeeting do not have to directly access the menu widgets
(e.g. gnomemeeting_call_menu_connect_set_sensitive ). Ported
the menu system away from libgnomeui to use pure GTK calls. This
is based on a new structure MenuEntry defined in menu.h.

 (o-      SANDRAS Damien
 v_/_     Check Out Gnome Meeting !

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