Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] CVS changes

Christian Rose wrote:
ons 2002-11-06 klockan 18.50 skrev Damien Sandras:

You could even do an automatic mailer script that is subscribed to
cvs-commits-list and only resends those that apply to gnomemeeting to
the "gnomemeeting-cvs-commits-list", or whatever. Just please don't
abuse this list for repeated automated announcements. This list is very
active now anyway, and I'm having trouble to read all mails anyway, even
without the automated spamming of information that I and many others
never asked for.

I of course might as well just unsubscribe from this list, but I'd hate
to leave GnomeMeeting.

Is that unique mail so disturbing?
You can always filter it out? no?

Interesting, that's what spammers usually say too... Sigh.

but spammers change there adresses so you can not..

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