Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] What's up with ~/.gnome/gnomemeeting?

Quoting Damien Sandras (dsandras seconix com):

> please keep cool... please...

I am, I just don't like being treated as a 2 year old when someone
doesn't understand that what i'm writing about is not directly a
bug-report but an inquiry to wether there might be someone who knows
more about the problem described. (GnomeMeeting Crashing, removed
~/.gnome/gnomemeeting, GnomeMeeting works).

> The right thing to do would be to not report debian bugs here,
> but instead ask to the person to contact the mailing list so that we
> can debug further.

That's not how it works with Debian, i'm sorry to say. People file bugs
on the _package_, these bugreports are delivered in _my_ mailbox, and
the reporters don't care much about where it should go, they care about
it being solved, but leave that to others. 

> Now, stop to be unpolite, please and to affirm that there is a
> well-known problem of gnomemeeting when there is not.

I'm unpolite to people who treat me like a 2 year old. To people who
don't read what I write. 

And furthermore, about the assert failure, I have had more of these
reports on gnomemeeting, too bad the Debian BTS keeps 'solved' bugs for
28 days and then purges them. And each time removing ~/.gnome/gnomemeeting 
solved the problem.

But never mind, I don't have the material to show you what I mean, and
you guys just say the problem doesn't exist. So this is where this
thread stops. 


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