Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Microphone input fails

Le mar 06/08/2002 à 17:43, Andy Fraser a écrit :
> >>>>> "Matthias" == Matthias Marks <matthias marksweb de> writes:
>     Matthias> Hi !  Andy's GM is working perfectly, it must have been
>     Matthias> the remote parties that weren't working properly...
>     Matthias> The call worked 100% without changing anything...
>     Matthias> Matthias Marks (aka matti on #gnomemeeting)
> Thanks for the help.  I can't figure out how to change my comment on
> irc.  I haven't used irc before.  I'm using tkirc.  I'm going to
> simply disconnect without changing my comment.  OK?

I think matti was meaning "Changing your comment on ILS". Your comment
was saying "Troubles with GM". You can now change it into something else
(Preferences -> Personal Data -> Comment, then click on Update if you
are already registered on, if not, don't forge to enable
registering in "Directory Settings")

Thanks to use ILS :)
 _	Damien Sandras
(o-	GnomeMeeting - H.323 Videoconferencing Application -
//\		web:
v_/_	H.323 phone:  callto:// seconix com

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