Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Reworking the addressbook code

Jan Schampera a écrit :
The "Addressbook" - or however it'll be named in future - IMHO.
Background: Full control over a contact everywhere you can see that
contact, the only place you see a contact not in the roster is the
addressbook (or also the calls history window maybe).

Also, I like the idea to see the Roster as a "filtered" local
addressbook. Anyways, my related question: some bit in the contact's
informaion or the membership in a specific group to "add" a contact to
the roster?

Notice that in SIP, the roster has to be done by marking the contacts as 'special' in the addressbook, while in XMPP, the roster comes with the account and is an addressbook itself.


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