Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] WIN32 todos

Am Sonntag 26 März 2006 17:02 schrieb Julien PUYDT:
> Michael Rickmann a écrit :
> > 1) For me audio testing in the druid is stuttering as if it were only
> > half duplex. That is with XP-Home on a Centrino laptop with Crystal WM
> > audio. Has somebody else similar symptoms?
> Hmmm... I don't remember having met such :-/
> > 2) What about a Windows intaller for Ekiga ? Has anybody here any
> > experience or even started to work on it already ? I think editing the
> > Windows environment by hand to get the GTK+ working is far too dangerous
> > for a typical Windows user.
> Indeed.
> > 3) help for Win32 Ekiga ?  It should be in standard Windows CHM format.
> > Which format do the .po files for Linux have? It isn't docbook is it? Can
> > they be converted to docbook? Then we could have a chance of not having
> > too every thing by hand.
> Wouldn't converting the help to html be easier ?
> 4) SDL fullscreen would be nice to have :-)
> How is your work on this progressing ?
Oh, sorry, I did not make it clear one post earlier. For me Win32 fullscreen 
is working like a charm now, so is debug output and the dynamic linking to 
SDL.dll. For a quick check get .
So I wanted to pause work on fullscreen stuff. I submitted the patches this 
afternoon to this list in the hope that they get reviewed and eventually find 
a way into Kilian's build process. Unfortunately I had to change mainly 
main.cpp which seems not very open to changes at the moment. Win32 Ekiga 
should not interfer with the postrelease adjustments of Ekiga 2.0.
With my second post on "WIN32 todos" I just want to find out what to approach 

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