[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] WIN32 todos

I was just thinking, when Win32 Ekiga can go beta. What needs to be checked or 
fixed before is

1) For me audio testing in the druid is stuttering as if it were only half 
duplex. That is with XP-Home on a Centrino laptop with Crystal WM audio. Has 
somebody else similar symptoms?
2) What about a Windows intaller for Ekiga ? Has anybody here any experience 
or even started to work on it already ? I think editing the Windows 
environment by hand to get the GTK+ working is far too dangerous for a 
typical Windows user.

After that Win32 Ekiga could be declared Beta. The new users will find the 
remaining bugs. One more thing we could fix during Beta is

3) help for Win32 Ekiga ?  It should be in standard Windows CHM format. Which 
format do the .po files for Linux have? It isn't docbook is it? Can they be 
converted to docbook? Then we could have a chance of not having too every 
thing by hand.

What do you think

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