Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Ekiga 1.99.1 with XLite


Damien Sandras wrote:
>>>>>>I've got two of those Cisco "IP Phone 7960" hardware phones with
>>>>>>different firmware versions. With both no luck. The phones seem to
>>>>>>play audio with half speed and drop audio regularly.
>>>>>With what codec?
>>>>PCMU and PCMA.
>>>It has been fixed. Expect a CVS update very soon.
>>does it fix just the Cisco problem or also the X-Lite robo-sound? It's
>>not in CVS yet, so I couldn't try it yet.
> We tried with XTEN.
> Craig has not committed yet indeed.

I've seen Craig committed something regarding the discussed codecs:

2006-02-21 10:38  csoutheren

	* src/opal/mediafmt.cxx: Fix problem with incorrect timestamps
          for uLaw and ALaw

Was this the reason for the Xten problem?


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