Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: how a newbie got gm cvs up - almost

Hi Sean,

> [snip, CLK_TCK]
> Now grab_partial_image.c does include time.h, so it should 
> work as coded.
> I've posted a comment to the libdc1394 list.

ok, excellent!

> > 
> >>4. Build and install pwlib next. opal depends on it. The 
> >>pwlib spec file just requires pwlib >= 1.8.3. Not so. You'll 
> >>need a newer one. Johnny Strom has the latest from cvs. I 
> >>used that.
> > 
> > 
> > Uhm, how so? PWLib *must not* build-depend on itself. And especially not
> > on its own older version!
> > 
> I will repeat 5 times: Read carefully before hitting Send.
> I should have written:
> The *opal* spec file just requires pwlib >= 1.8.3. Not so. 
> You'll need a newer pwlib to build opal.

*g* ok, good. however, opal-cvs should require pwlib-cvs rather than
pwlib-release. Maybe Johnny will fix this as he finds the time.

> > 
> >>Also, Edit->Preferences->Codecs-> Audio Codecs shows 
> >>nothing. Do I need to install something? Did I miscompile?
> > 
> > 
> > All these codecs are supposed to come with OPAL in case of GnomeMeeting
> > 1.9.x and with OpenH323 for GnomeMeeting 1.3.x.
> > 
> As far as I can see, opal is building these codecs:
> configure: Forcing use of system Speex library
> checking SIP protocol... enabled
> checking H.323 protocol... enabled
> checking IAX2 protocol... enabled
> checking linux/telephony.h usability... yes

... that's protocols, not codecs. Anyway, the build-dependencies should
provide for the required libs to be installed and thus suffice to get
the libs ship them. For OPAL they're builtin, for OpenH323 they're
coming modular as library extensions. Thus for OPAL there's no way to
determine their existance by separate files unfortunately.

> ( I have speex 1.0.5 installed)
> What about g711, for instance?
> Is there soething else I should be doing?

nope, that's all to be properly laid out by the spec. If the codecs
aren't coming, either GM doesn't list them for one reason, or the OPAL
spec won't build them for another. Either way, this is beyond a generic
error and maybe Johnny can provide more fedora-specific help. ;)

Best regards,

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