[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: how a newbie got gm cvs up - almost

Kilian Krause wrote:
Hi Sean,

3. build and install libdc1394 first. I couldn't get it to build until I changed CLK_TCK in grab_partial_image.c to

well, have you also tried to use DC afterwards? Or is this just a plain
hack to get it compile ok?

I haven't tried it. But it's more than a hack.

From time.h:

/* This is the obsolete POSIX.1-1988 name for the same constant. */
# if !defined __STRICT_ANSI__ && !defined __USE_XOPEN2K
#  ifndef CLK_TCK
#   define CLK_TCK      CLOCKS_PER_SEC
#  endif
# endif

Now grab_partial_image.c does include time.h, so it should work as coded.

I've posted a comment to the libdc1394 list.

4. Build and install pwlib next. opal depends on it. The pwlib spec file just requires pwlib >= 1.8.3. Not so. You'll need a newer one. Johnny Strom has the latest from cvs. I used that.

Uhm, how so? PWLib *must not* build-depend on itself. And especially not
on its own older version!

I will repeat 5 times: Read carefully before hitting Send.

I should have written:

The *opal* spec file just requires pwlib >= 1.8.3. Not so. You'll need a newer pwlib to build opal.

5. Now build and install opal. It's obvious to others, but I only figured it out from trolling the list, opal = new version of openh323. I don't know if both can co-exist, but I removed openh323-1.15.

They should be able to coexist safely. Especially with GMCVS and GM2CVS
both installed that's mandantory. ;)

I removed gm-1.2.2 and just have gm2.

Now I have gnomemeeting-snapshot running. All seems OK, but the PC-to-phone dialog is broken.

I can bring up the dialog Tools->PC-To-Phone Account

I get PC-To-Phone Settings. I click on the "Get a GnomeMeeting PC-To-Phone account"

Nada. Nothing. Am I supposed to get an email at my Preferences address? Is a web page supposed to open up? Is there some url I should follow?

There's a webpage supposed to fire up. Are you sure your gnomevfs is
working ok? Can you open URLs from other apps in
Mozilla/your_favourite_webbrowser? Like clicking in gnome-terminal onto
http://snapshots.gnomemeeting.net/redhat/ would bring you there?

Ah. No. I'll go google this. What's the right question - keywords?

Also, Edit->Preferences->Codecs-> Audio Codecs shows nothing. Do I need to install something? Did I miscompile?

All these codecs are supposed to come with OPAL in case of GnomeMeeting
1.9.x and with OpenH323 for GnomeMeeting 1.3.x.

As far as I can see, opal is building these codecs:

configure: Forcing use of system Speex library
checking SIP protocol... enabled
checking H.323 protocol... enabled
checking IAX2 protocol... enabled
checking linux/telephony.h usability... yes

( I have speex 1.0.5 installed)

What about g711, for instance?

Is there soething else I should be doing?


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