[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: how a newbie got gm cvs up - almost

Damien Sandras wrote:
Thanks for the feedback, comments inline.

Le samedi 26 novembre 2005 à 18:20 -0500, sean a écrit :

For anyone who tries to do this:

I have Fedora 5, test 1, amd64.

1. The rpms at http://www.linuxsolutions.fi/~johnny/fedora_core_4/src/
are great.

2. I didn't use the binary i386 rpms, since I wanted x86-64 ones.

3. build and install libdc1394 first. I couldn't get it to build until I changed CLK_TCK in grab_partial_image.c to

4. Build and install pwlib next. opal depends on it. The pwlib spec file just requires pwlib >= 1.8.3. Not so. You'll need a newer one. Johnny Strom has the latest from cvs. I used that.

5. Now build and install opal. It's obvious to others, but I only figured it out from trolling the list, opal = new version of openh323. I don't know if both can co-exist, but I removed openh323-1.15.

Now I have gnomemeeting-snapshot running. All seems OK, but the PC-to-phone dialog is broken.

Yes, that code has not been "ported" yet.

I can bring up the dialog Tools->PC-To-Phone Account

I get PC-To-Phone Settings. I click on the "Get a GnomeMeeting PC-To-Phone account"

Nada. Nothing. Am I supposed to get an email at my Preferences address? Is a web page supposed to open up? Is there some url I should follow?

Yes a webpage. Are you sure that gnome-default-applications-properties
shows a browser that is installed as default for http/https ?

gnome-default-applications-properties shows Firefox as the default browser. And ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http/%gconf.xml is:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<entry name="command" mtime="1133152652" muser="root" type="string">
                <stringvalue>firefox %s</stringvalue>

I can right click on a url in gnome-terminal and open it in firefox.

Also, Edit->Preferences->Codecs-> Audio Codecs shows nothing. Do I need to install something? Did I miscompile?

Probably yes. I know some people have reported that a few times, but it
magically was solved by a recompilation. No idea why and how.

The rpms package the plugins separately. I've installed them, and can see them in Audio Codecs.

I see the check boxes on the left. ( BTW, when checked it generates this on the terminal: ** (gnomemeeting:6586): CRITICAL **: void audio_codecs_list_changed_nt(void*, GmConfEntry*, void*): assertion `data != NULL' failed )

Do I need to check a codec to use it? Is there any reason not to check them all? I assume a codec is chosen based on its position in the list ( top to bottom ), but only among the set of codecs that are checked.

You all should be congratulated on a great program.


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