Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] selecting output device - bug?

Damien Sandras (dsandras seconix com) wrote:

> > However, I'm still puzzled how NAT can be a problem for USB headset and
> > not for onboard sound card?
> I think it is not related. I think you just happened to use ports that
> were not forwarded when using the USB headset.

OK, but I do not understand how with the same setup (router & firewall) 
yesterday (while testing with Johhny) I heard sound in the headset, and
today while writing my original post it fails ??

> Yes, and the NAT STUN test has to report anything else than "Symmetric
> NAT".

NAT STUN test reports either Cone NAT or Port restricted NAT.

I jsut emerged ethereal - can it help me in debugging?


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