Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] About the implementation of the net.gnomemeeting.accounts interface of the dbus component

Le lundi 21 novembre 2005 à 10:59 +0100, Julien PUYDT a écrit :
> Damien Sandras a écrit :
> > If it is a callback, yes. Notice we can make the callback global and
> > thus reusable.
> Well, that was the point ;-)
> > If you remember our last discussion (too bad the wiki got cracked), it
> > sounds pretty logical that when you modify an account :
> > - that account is updated
> > - the endpoint is asked to update its registration
> Yes, but it should be done in a function that is widely available (not 
> static) and isn't ui-specific (ie: not the specific callback that is 
> called when one clicks in this specific spot in the account window).
> I think the endpoint should be asked to update by the same function that 
> updates the account. Or that the function which just updates the account 
> shouldn't be widely available.

I disagree. We already discussed this long ago, you agreed with me, and
we apply the same reasoning to the address book.

I don't want to discuss it again.

Manipulating a GmAccount should be possible without acting on the
endpoint itself. 

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