Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] About the implementation of the net.gnomemeeting.accounts interface of the dbus component

Le lundi 21 novembre 2005 à 07:35 +0100, Julien PUYDT a écrit :
> Damien Sandras a écrit :
> > No, all the rest of GnomeMeeting works like that as following our
> > discussion a few months ago.
> So the dbus component will have to do like in the function I shown, and 
> when we modify anything at one of those places, we'll have to think 
> about modifying accordingly at the other ?

If it is a callback, yes. Notice we can make the callback global and
thus reusable.

If you remember our last discussion (too bad the wiki got cracked), it
sounds pretty logical that when you modify an account :
- that account is updated
- the endpoint is asked to update its registration

All the rest should be automagical.

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