RE: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Plug-in video codecs

Hi Damien,

> > >> than H.261, so we are thinking about using a different video codec in
> > >> Gnomemeeting, possibly the H.263.  The current released Gnomemeeting
> > >
> > >The problem is that H.263 is covered by patents.
> > 
> > A very good point.  We have a group internally that write codecs.  So 
> > the plan is to use our own codec in the product.  Haven't consulted our lawyer
> > on this, do you think there would be any licensing issue here?  The 
> > GM is released as GPL w/ an exception on PWlib and OpenH323.  I am not quite 
> > sure what it means.   If I swap out the h.261 codec with our own h.263 codec, and 
> > use it in our product, do I need to give anything back?  
> > 
> I don't think so, only if you modify the GnomeMeeting sources. If you
> add some external component to OpenH323, there is no problem.

well, maybe I can shed some light from the GPLenforcement at FOSDEM
2005: *IF* you alter GPL source, then you need to make it public again.
Thus, if INTEL would ship a modified GM, then they'd also need to ship
the source or at least host it publically. Not the H.263 itself
neccessarily, but everything within GM. 

Everyone still wondering can probably have some hands-on-hints with
correct commecial GPL-usage from Harald Welte... =)

Anyway, Damien, just for the FAQ, could you add this "one line" for
ffmpeg-h.263 to the ml archives as reply to this mail? Thanks!

Best regards,

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