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>Out of curiosity, what kind of product is it?

That is a industry secret.  :)  Just kidding.  A group in Intel (that I am personally
not affiliated with, we are a big company, you know) is making some
kind of set-top box that's based on Linux.  And they wanted to support video 
conferencing.  They asked me to assess how easy it would be to do this.  

>> than H.261, so we are thinking about using a different video codec in
>> Gnomemeeting, possibly the H.263.  The current released Gnomemeeting
>The problem is that H.263 is covered by patents.

A very good point.  We have a group internally that write codecs.  So 
the plan is to use our own codec in the product.  Haven't consulted our lawyer
on this, do you think there would be any licensing issue here?  The 
GM is released as GPL w/ an exception on PWlib and OpenH323.  I am not quite 
sure what it means.   If I swap out the h.261 codec with our own h.263 codec, and 
use it in our product, do I need to give anything back?  

>Actually, there exists a patch for OpenH323 that enables H.263 (you can
>find references on Once you have applied that 
>patch, you
>have only one line to add in GnomeMeeting to get H.263 support.

Bingo!  Would you point me to the approx loation of that line?   :->

Really appreciate your help.  


Yixiong Zou (yixiong zou intel com)
Open Source Technology Center
Intel Corp.


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