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Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 12:24:47 +0100
From: Toni Moreno <tonim telefonica net>
Subject: Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: GnomeMeeting 2.00 (cwarner)
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Josep ,there is no problem with that. ;-D

El mié, 09-11-2005 a las 11:54 +0100, Josep Puigdemont escribió:

If it is ok with you, I'd like to keep doing the Catalan translation of
both doc and GUI.
I did not start the manual earlier because after talking to Damien, I
understood the GM 2.0 manual is going to be very different from 1.2.

Regarding the FAQ, if I am not wrong, Philippe Lefevre and I are
candidates. Philippe, I agree you when you say that you wouldn't like
beginning a task that you are not able to complete. Those are also my
feelings. So I want to suggest you that we can share FAQ efforts al
least until GM 2.0 is out. After that we can consider again if the
workload is too much heavy or not.

Do you like the idea?

Hello Tony,

I agree and if I may help I'll be happy to work with you and all others who want to share this job.

In this objective, I recently had a look on the existing FAQ. I think some chapters might be reused and its skeleton conserved and would constitute a good start point. Now, Damien or other in the development team, will certainly have to add some comments, chapters on what is new or outdated.
May be some questions are already availables ?

Damien, in order for me to have a better understanding on how to work with all of you, could you please specify : From who we can get such a details/files and how do you see the way for us to work.
Do we have just to wait for your original files ?
Which channel will be used for us to get them ?
Are there any dead lines already defined for the new FAQ ?
Are there any some already written documentation that we could begin to work on (FAQ and doc) ? About translations, do you think that there are some needs for this new FAQ ?

Sorry for all those probably very basic questions but again I never did that before.


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