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Le jeudi 10 novembre 2005 à 09:11 -0800, Zou, Yixiong a écrit :
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> >Out of curiosity, what kind of product is it?
> >
> That is a industry secret.  :)  Just kidding.  A group in Intel (that I am personally
> not affiliated with, we are a big company, you know) is making some
> kind of set-top box that's based on Linux.  And they wanted to support video 
> conferencing.  They asked me to assess how easy it would be to do this.  


> >> than H.261, so we are thinking about using a different video codec in
> >> Gnomemeeting, possibly the H.263.  The current released Gnomemeeting
> >
> >The problem is that H.263 is covered by patents.
> A very good point.  We have a group internally that write codecs.  So 
> the plan is to use our own codec in the product.  Haven't consulted our lawyer
> on this, do you think there would be any licensing issue here?  The 
> GM is released as GPL w/ an exception on PWlib and OpenH323.  I am not quite 
> sure what it means.   If I swap out the h.261 codec with our own h.263 codec, and 
> use it in our product, do I need to give anything back?  

I don't think so, only if you modify the GnomeMeeting sources. If you
add some external component to OpenH323, there is no problem.

> >Actually, there exists a patch for OpenH323 that enables H.263 (you can
> >find references on Once you have applied that 
> >patch, you
> >have only one line to add in GnomeMeeting to get H.263 support.
> Bingo!  Would you point me to the approx loation of that line?   :->

Well, if you are using your own codec, then it is more complicated and
requires custom development. The line I told you was to use the ffmpeg
H.263 implementation, not any H.263 implementation.

> Really appreciate your help.  
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