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Peter Robinson wrote:


>>Seeing the number of private e-mails I still receive about GnomeMeeting,
>>I don't think interest has dropped yet, but it will certainly if we are
>>not doing something about it.
> I think the sooner we can get 2.0 out with SIP support the better. I'm
> not sure how hard it would be to add IAX2 support now that OPAL
> supports it but that would help as well too.

IAX2 support in OPAL is still very basic (at least as basic as SIP
support was present one year ago). You can not register to an IAX2
provider, you can not transfer calls, put a call on hold, and so on.

So there is much work to do in OPAL before having IAX2. I'm not ready to
undertake that work now. Adding support for it in GnomeMeeting would be
a 2 days work if the support was complete in OPAL :)

>>So, how can you help?
>>You can help when 2.00 will be released:
>>- to spread the word about it
>>- to have stands in conferences in your country
>>- to post news on internet websites
>>- to write articles about GnomeMeeting
> Is it going to be ready in time for gnome 2.14?

Yes, I hope it will be released in January or February 2006.

>>An example is the next FOSDEM, there will most probably be a
>>GnomeMeeting stand, with T-shirts, and GnomeMeeting-related gadgets, but
>>also a demonstration.
>>I will ask : who is ready to help during the event (25 and 26th of
>>February) and spend one or two hours on the booth to help Jonita?
> Excuse my ignorance, but where is the next FOSDEM going to be?

Brussels :)

>>Also, Jonita has found a new slogan for GM 2.00 :
>>"A window to the world"
>>will be replaced by :
>>"The Freedom of speech"
>>Why freedom? Because there is nothing that is more free than
>>GnomeMeeting : no companies behind it, no commercial interest, open
>>standards, open codecs...
> Sounds pretty cool. Its a great product that I've been using on and
> off for years and years.

Thanks :)

> Cheers,
> Pete
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