Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: [OpenH323]VIDEO ISSUE SOLVED:Reg Latest Openh323 compilation in Linux

Le jeu, 02/09/2004 à 16:01 +0100, Mark Cooke a écrit :
> To users of a command line application, or utility, it is not as cut and
> dried as always wanting the full name.  I don't want to go through all
> my code to add '-d Philips WebCamera 740K #2' for my second webcam
> instead of '-d /dev/video1'.

#define SECOND_WEBCAM_NAME "Philips WebCamera 740K #2"

> 1. Return from the V4L plugin as available devices something like:
>  "/dev/video0 : Philips ToUCam Pro 2"
>  "/dev/video1 : BTTV card"
>  "/dev/video2 : Philips ToUCam Pro 2"
>  "/dev/video3 : Unknown Video Device"
> 2. Let GM/gui apps do whatever lazy matching of user-input for camera
> selection what they want to.  List-boxes, etc.
> 3. Pass back the /dev/video* part to pwlib/openh323, as it is the only
> guaranteed unique identifier.  It's backwards compatible with existing
> command line applications.

It looks quite bad. If we're making the V4L plugin output something ;
the AVC plugin something else, the DC plugin something other (and I'm
just listing the *linux* drivers, if we add in all supported drivers on
all platforms, things get worse!).

The main goal behind the plugin system is that apps must not know what
they're dealing with. No special case. No #ifdef WIN32 #ifdef NETBSD. No
"if driver.isV4L () else if driver.isAVC ()".


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