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Le jeudi 02 septembre 2004 à 22:56 +1000, Craig Southeren a écrit :

> Even so, my response is the same: either fork the code and do what you
> like, or be prepared to discuss and perhaps defend your requirements as
> part of a community and accept that you may not alway get what you want.
> After five years of this, I'm tired of the constant threats and demands.

Same here, fortunately we do have that kind of problems only with
openh323 and not with other libs we are using or I would have cancelled
the project for long ;)

Notice we tried to discuss.

>   The application should definitely display the "friendly" name (if it
> exists) for each device in addition to the device name, as this will

That's my point, users do NOT NEED to see internal things in a GUI.

> help the user ensure they are selecting the right device. But using this
> name for the internal handle does not make sense at all, and the current
> code is currently jumping through hoops trying to make this work (and
> demonstrably failing)

Sorry, but it works, we have not had any since report in our userbase
that it was broken, so please stop saying it is broken when it is not.

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