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On Thu, 02 Sep 2004 15:28:47 +0200
Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com> wrote:

> > Even so, my response is the same: either fork the code and do what you
> > like, or be prepared to discuss and perhaps defend your requirements as
> > part of a community and accept that you may not alway get what you want.
> > After five years of this, I'm tired of the constant threats and demands.
> > 
> Same here, fortunately we do have that kind of problems only with
> openh323 and not with other libs we are using or I would have cancelled
> the project for long ;)

Another threat?

> Notice we tried to discuss.

I'm still trying to discuss

> >   The application should definitely display the "friendly" name (if it
> > exists) for each device in addition to the device name, as this will
> That's my point, users do NOT NEED to see internal things in a GUI.
> hread
> > help the user ensure they are selecting the right device. But using this
> > name for the internal handle does not make sense at all, and the current
> > code is currently jumping through hoops trying to make this work (and
> > demonstrably failing)
> Sorry, but it works, we have not had any since report in our userbase
> that it was broken, so please stop saying it is broken when it is not.

So I'm confused again. 

If nothing is broken, then what are we talking about? I thought there
was a problem with the plugins, or OpenH323, or something that was
causing a problem in GM. If not, then where are we going?

I still think that using the friendly names is a bad design decision,
but if it's working, then I'm certainly not proposing changing it for
hell of it

Can someone help me?


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