Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: [OpenH323]VIDEO ISSUE SOLVED:Reg Latest Openh323 compilation in Linux

Hi Craig,

> c) explain to me specifically what the GM team wants (because I don't
> yet understand it), and I'll code it if I can. Note that I will be
> unable to test the code because I don't have access to a Linux camera
> and I can't run GM on my Linux machine.

that's fairly simple, so let me try.
GM is a GUI based H323 app, so as long as there's one entry per device,
that's perfectly fine. Listing multiple entries for the same device will
just bring us users asking :
"which of those do i need to choose"? 
Or maybe even worse that "/dev/video0" does work when i do ............
but not when i ..............., yet "MyFavouriteCam" works always.
What's the difference, is it bad that i use the latter?"

So for a support point of view, as we've now gotten our users used to
the full-text names; so this should be kept as is. Yet for those drivers
where your argument is true that there's no fancy-name available, the
plain device should be used.  (Don't worry about testing, we'll let you

To make this stringent with your needs, we'd just need another option in
the v4l plugin code that does allow to choose the list-style (i.e.
request a plain /dev/ enumeration *OR* a fully-featured-text-name). Only
for listing this is. As Damien has already put it, the OPENing of a
device should support both ways (and aparently is mostly implemented
already). Having this will bring your ohphone back the "i can use
/dev/video0" feature as you wish, and render the GM click'n'go users
with their old look'n'feel of GM 1.0 in GM 1.2 too. (the part if GM
should allow a device to be specified on the commandline is another
story, which i'll not address here)

As I'm not sure if the current plugin API allows a new "option" to be
added easily to the v4l plugin or not, i cannot tell if it's easier to
have a "v4l_fancy" plugin *AND* a "v4l_native" (as 2 plugins) or address
this issue within the same plugin and just pass it some API option thru
the plugin manager (from some commandline parameter or gconf setting


Best regards,

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