Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Why NetMeeting is still needed - was Re: [Discuss] Windows Service (NOT Service Pack ; )

Hi Craig,

> - I need this to be secure

I guess (or rather hope and pray) that this will be becoming a larger
issue in the future. Not only in VoIP, but in all of network
communication. So maybe you chould shed some light, what's planned to do
some X509 S/RTP or pre-shared keys or whatever in OpenH323 for the

That would make this list a little more complete in the archives IMHO.
Maybe we should even take out the points to a development wiki creating
a central instance of TODO-list to point asking new users. (like is already for GM-only) That would make your blog
(which is backwards looking in time) have a new component which is the
one of foresight. ;)

Best regards,

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