Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] GnomeMeeting on 2.6

> It is already commited and we "pray" it doesn't break things on 2.4
> systems. 

There is no reason why it would.

> Right now a new set of packages is in the make and i would like to ask
> EVERYBODY who can compile and run GM (or use one of the packages),
> PLEASE do test and report any success story (or remaining problems) to
> this list (or any of the developers directly)..
> Be it on 2.6 or on 2.4, if the performance is still poor with this
> patch, let us know immediatelly. (or this patch will be left in the
> release and make a bad PR later)

Testing with make running is a very good way to test this!

PS: not required to CC Robert Love for that mail ;)
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