Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Simpler address book menu


I think the "Quick List" (ie contacts with a special flag) in the call
menu could be a nice idea.
I don't know if I will have the time to code it before 1.00 though.

Notice, for the others, that porting to GTK 2.4 could possibly bring an
URL bar with autocompletion from the addressbook.

Le mer 22/10/2003 à 17:46, Hakon G a écrit :
> Hi!
> I brought up a request in Buzilla (# 125080)
> about that I would like a lighter version
> of the address book, additionally.
> I'm not saying the AB is bad. But in situations
> where you just want to call someone who you call
> often, it can seem a litle awkward with the
> relatively large extra window, plus the fact that
> you need to close it after you have initiated the call.
> I was told about the speed dials, but in this case
> I'd prefer not having to use the keyboard, plus the
> obvious advantage of seeing a name rather than
> having to know what number is for which person.
> For this I suggested a "bookmarks" menu (like in
> the web browser of course), which mirrors the
> address book. Then I was let aware by Damien
> about a problem:
> say you have hundreds of contacts in the address
> book - this menu wouldn't turn out very friendly.
> To address this, I was thinking maybe it could be
> possible to set a flag in the _real_ address book,
> meaning "I want this contact to be displayed in the
> menu also". This way only a few chosen contacts
> would have to appear in the shortcut menu.
> This could be seen as similar to the bookmarks
> toolbar in the web browser.
> To refer to the web browser once again, I could
> present the issue of my aim like this:
> Imagine if you always had to open the bookmark
> manager (and maybe close it too) each time you
> wanted to visit one of your bookmarked sites.
> Now I want some feedback from the user community.
> I also had a reservation that this menu could come
> from clicking a button rather than having to clutter the menubar.
> Is anyone else interested in this?
> Hakon
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