[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Reorganizing gconf keys, please comment

Hi all,

I think that it becomes imperative to reorganize the gconf key
structure. It is a lot of work, unfortunately, and doesn't bring any new
to the GUI, but it can potentially break everything.

However, I think that it is required because the current structure is
too big.

Please open gconf-editor ;)

I think I will reorganize things this way :

* protocols->h323->gatekeeper->registering_method
                                  ->advanced  ->enable_h245_tunneling
                      ->ldap->usual keys
* general->UI->auto_clear_text_chat + the current show_ keys
* audio->devices

* video->devices

* nat->ports

Any comments about this structure?
 _	Damien Sandras
(o-	GnomeMeeting: http://www.gnomemeeting.org/
//\	FOSDEM 2003:  http://www.fosdem.org
	H.323 phone:  callto://ils.seconix.com/dsandras seconix com

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