Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Poll: Is GnomeMeeting ready for 1.00

Hi Kenneth,

first, thanks for the lengthy answer, although a bit short would have
done too for me ;)

to summarize what i got out of your statements is:
- if Linksys does support NM within the DMZ, then it *is* sort of
supporting h323 natively.. 
- having a Win2k NM doesn't reference to a fixed version. please be
specific about configuration details in actual numbers.
- plugging your workstation onto the cable modem natively WOULD help to
assure there is no "router problem" involved in this case, so please for
the 10-15 min to test, do it and tell the result.
- using Debian is generally a good idea, though which GM versions do you
run (official or CVS snaps)? what are your settings?
- please do a fresh --debug=3 output of every new combination of the
above (and annotate when the video breaks up)

thanks for helping with GM development! (btw. our tests with NM have not
shown any useful data yet.. it seems to be an issue on the NM end, as
the GM logs don't show problems in our testcases. so PLEASE give us
debug-logs to look into with verified data and timestamps)
Best regards,

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