Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Manual

Le mar 18/02/2003 à 09:55, Damien Sandras a écrit :
> Le lun 17/02/2003 à 22:56, Miguel Rodríguez Pérez a écrit :
> > I agree with most of what you have sayed. In fact configuring cameras,
> > compilling and installing the software, audio drivers and so on are the
> > job of the software distributor. But firewalls are a different kind of
> > problem. They must be dealt with locally, either by the final user or by
> > the system/network administrator. And, if we don't plan on writting an
> > administration manual (that i don't think necessary) we must tell them
> > (in other manual) how to configure the firewall. I think an appendix in
> > the user manual is the right place.
> > Just my opinion...
> My opinion is:
> "Is the firewall configuration part of the GnomeMeeting usage?" -> No
> I agree that it should be in a "manual", just like mentions about how to
> install GM, and so on. But what we are redacting is an "User Manual",
> that users will see when they will hit the "F1" key, and I think that
> for this reason, firewalls should not go in it as it is not related to
> how to use GM. You don't have a section about firewalls when you hit F1
> in Netmeeting...

I fully agree here: the manual should explain how to *use* gm, not how
to *troubleshoot* it. But it certainly should point to the relevant
entry in the faq when it is needed (example: when going through the
steps of the wizard, the manual should say "If you have a problem with
sound at that step, you'll find precise answers to common problems in
section <link>3.14</link> of the faq").


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