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So, while reading this today i had some ideas (yes guys, sometimes it
happens) that told to Matthias, but he's very cruel and evil and wants
me to tourture my keyboard and post them to the ml...

<migras> matti: some ideas for the manual (3)o here they go: (edited irc logs)
<Matthias> migras: post your ideas in the ml ;)
<migras> Matthias: a) add an introductory section about VoIP (at a very basic level, of course)
<migras> Matthias: b) I forgot :(
<migras> Matthias: c) ask people in the gnome-doc project (or whatever is called) for technical help
<Matthias> cat $output[migras] > /dev/gm-devel-ml ;)
<Matthias> migras: For technical help?
<migras> Matthias: b) a section about firewalls, of course!!
<migras> Matthias: yeah, how to translate it, what tools to use, etc...
<Matthias> migras: there is no need to ask, there are some documentations about that ;)
<migras> Matthias: that's offline asking ;)[1]

Ok, so that it is... Hope you do a great manual.

[1] It seems this is really already taked into account, according to

El lun, 17 de 02 de 2003 a las 20:39, Matthias Redlich escribió:
> Hi damien,
> > 1) Shoudl the manual explain to the user how to call other users in
> > various cases (ILS, gatekeeper, no ILS and no Gatekeeper, ...) ?
> I think so, yes. Actually this is one of the most important things our
> manual should contain, otherwise we would leave GnomeMeeting's main
> function out.
> > 2) Should the manual describe point by point each of the GM windows?
> Though it is a lot of work I think this is necessary for a complete
> manual. We should describe what people see and what it is intended for.
> > 3) Should the manual describe easy and self-explanatory options like
> > "Show splash screen" -> If enabled, ..., if disabled, ...
> The documentation is written for new users. I do not think that
> adavanced users need it or that they will find any new/useful
> information in it. Although this is a lot of work, I would _thus_
> include these (normally) self-explaining parts,too (if I could choose I
> left them out... really ;). 
> Please define for which group the manual is intended for.
> OT: Who wanted/wants to contribute the manual?
> Cheers,
> Matthias
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