Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] IPv6-Patch for GM

The patch is now in the latest snapshot!

Thanks again Christian and Sebastien !!

Le ven 11/04/2003 à 13:06, Christian Strauf a écrit :
> Hi people!
> All the IPv6-enthusiasts among you: would you like to do some testing with an
> IPv6-patch for GM? Since the patch is really short, I have attached it to this
> mail. The patch was made with gnomemeeting-2003-04-11 but it should work with
> earlier/later snapshots as well. Here's a short instruction:
> - get latest pwlib and openh323 CVS-version
> - do "export IPV6FLAG=1" and compile pwlib and openh323
> - patch GM with attached patch
> - additionally use "--enable-ipv6" with / configure of GM.
> - compile and install GM.
> This GM version should behave normally when using IPv4 (should be backward
> compatible). You can additionally make calls to v6-hosts with the v6-address in
> square-brackets, e.g.:
> callto://[2001:638:500:200:210:5aff:fe4c:cfd1]
> Known issues:
> - A6- and AAAA-records don't get resolved properly. This means you can't use a
> FQDN that resolves into a v6-IP.
> - ILS probably won't work at all with v6-addresses
> - There's still a lot of stuff to explore in GM when using this patch and you
> might encounter undeterministic behavious of GM when using it.
> All credit for this achievement goes solely to Sebastien Josset who did an
> excellent job on openh323 and pwlib. I merely tested and created the patch for
> GM according to his instructions. So please, show your appreciation to
> Sebastien! :-)
> Please post any questions you might have on this list.
> Christian
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