Re: problems with configure script and compiling on fedora 24

On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 11:21:06PM -0700, Gabriel M. Elder wrote:
   Hey all,

   I'm trying to compile gnome control center v3.20.2 on fedora 24, using
   the distro source rpm package (control-center-3.20.2-1.fc24.src.rpm). I
   finally got all the requisite development library packages installed,
   but the configure script fails with the message: "configure: error: The
   Network, Bluetooth, Printers and Wacom panels are not optional on Linux
   systems" and exit code 1. I'm running ./configure without any options;
   specifically, I'm not --enable-ing or --disable-ing anything. Shouldn't
   the "Network, Bluetooth, Printers and Wacom" stuff be enabled by
   default, and therefore just generate the Makefile? I even tried
   modifying the configure script to remove the section that's responsible
   for this. That created a Makefile, but that barely made it 10 seconds
   before bombing out with some other error when I tried to 'make' it, and
   did not appear to be inclined to include those panels anyway. What am I
   missing? What's next?

have a look at, specifically search for "have_wacom". Looks like
you may have the dependencies installed but not those for the wacom plugin.
Same for network/bluetooth/..., config.log should have some information which
one is really missing, again start your search with have_wacom.


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