Re: Planned "Sound Settings" improvements

Hi Mattias,

With both PA 2.0 and GNOME 3.4 almost out the door, now would be the
perfect time to start planning sound panel improvements for 3.6.
Allan, do we already have any design work for how to integrate new PA
features (such as jack detection) in the panel ?
David, you said that you had patches somewhere ? Can those be made
available for review ?


I have been working on the Ubuntu patch for 12.04 for this cycle. Currently we apply our change as part of a distro-patch. I actually did an entirely new panel based on the old sound panel. What I suggest is that I first write a document explaining my approach and supporting each section with particular diffs. This would give me a chance to tidy the code base before presenting it to you and secondly I feel it would be much better to do it this way rather than dropping a a couple of thousand line diff for you to digest.

Thoughts ?


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