Re: Volume Boost Checkbox

On Fri, 2011-10-28 at 16:00 -0400, Conor Curran wrote:
> Hello Bastien,
> > We're not going to be adding a setting for that.
> Ok lets just park this for now.
> >
> > Finally, this UI is very very far from final (despite its name), at
> > least it's not something that Allan (who's been talking to David) or
> > myself would agree with.
> Would you object if I was to code this as a first iteration. Or do you 
> or Allan have any alternative design to suggest ? I have cleared time in 
> my schedule to do this now so would really like to get on with it ...

A first iteration of? Adding a Sound panel setting is out of the
question. I don't think that the Ubuntu "sound indicator" should use >
100% volumes, or only with additional marks[1].

So I'm not certain what you're proposing here.


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