Re: Make default

On Tue, 2010-03-16 at 11:42 +0100, Michael Vogt wrote:
> I agree that most functionatlity is well served with the current
> gnome-control-center design that applies to sessions only.
> But only most :) Our use case in Ubuntu is that we want to provide a
> way to make the keyboard and proxy settings availalbe system-wide. 

So I think I understand a bit more about the use cases:

1) Settings for any time before the session (e.g. the login screen)

2) Settings that should be applied for all users, including new users

I would assume that applying settings for either of these use cases
would also require entering an administrator password, so we ought to
look to see if we can integrate this functionality somehow with settings
that always require the user to enter a password, or are they the same

Since this is probably of limited interested to most users (on single
user systems), how do we add this functionality in a discreet way to the
new Settings shell targeted for GNOME 3.0?

Is this functionality we want to have available for all Settings panels,
or is there a specific subset of settings that need to be applied as
system defaults?

I tried to investigate how this problem was solved on other operating
systems, but I couldn't find a good example anywhere. Are any other
systems targeting this problem?



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