Re: Right click a property to set as default, mandatory, etc?


GSettings already has some very slight GTK integration: you can bind
widgets to certain keys in the database.  The "integration" part here
comes from the fact that the widget will be set insensitive if the key
is read-only.

As for being able to right click on arbitrary buttons around the desktop
and say "set this as the default" -- that seems weird to me.  I'd be a
lot happier to see you able to run certain applications in a special
mode that allowed for that (maybe some administrator mode set by
environment variable?) or just a mode that is modifying the default
settings instead of the per-user ones (and then a right-click item for
"lock this setting").

Of course there's an interesting problem here:  locking the setting
would cause the widget to appear insensitive which, by my understanding
of GTK, would prevent the delivery of further right-click events.....
Maybe instead of being set insensitive it would rather get a red
background (or such) in "admin mode".


On Tue, 2009-10-06 at 16:01 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Le jeudi 01 octobre 2009, à 08:03 -0700, Dylan McCall a écrit :
> > Has anyone explored the possibility of adding / extending the context
> > menus for gnome-control-center's gconf property editor widgets, adding
> > "Set default" and "Set mandatory" options? Given that these widgets are
> > linked to things in gconf, that could be pretty slick and magical. The
> > result would be much easier fine-grained system administration for
> > everybody and a wonderful demonstration of why gconf is a good thing.
> It's interesting, and certainly convenient. But if it's not possible to
> do for all the relevant widgets, then it might be surprising when it's
> not working for users.
> Also, this is something that would need to be implemented just not in
> the control center, but in all applications that have preferences.
> Therefore, it would help if this were implemented at the toolkit level.
> Maybe you should talk to Ryan, since all the dconf stuff might have a
> chance to be usable from gtk+.
> (there's of course the question of whether it makes sense to make this
> kind of thing so easily accessible -- for most people, it's not
> interesting)
> Vincent

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