Re: Right click a property to set as default, mandatory, etc?

Le jeudi 01 octobre 2009, à 08:03 -0700, Dylan McCall a écrit :
> Has anyone explored the possibility of adding / extending the context
> menus for gnome-control-center's gconf property editor widgets, adding
> "Set default" and "Set mandatory" options? Given that these widgets are
> linked to things in gconf, that could be pretty slick and magical. The
> result would be much easier fine-grained system administration for
> everybody and a wonderful demonstration of why gconf is a good thing.

It's interesting, and certainly convenient. But if it's not possible to
do for all the relevant widgets, then it might be surprising when it's
not working for users.

Also, this is something that would need to be implemented just not in
the control center, but in all applications that have preferences.
Therefore, it would help if this were implemented at the toolkit level.
Maybe you should talk to Ryan, since all the dconf stuff might have a
chance to be usable from gtk+.

(there's of course the question of whether it makes sense to make this
kind of thing so easily accessible -- for most people, it's not


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